Creative Duo – Scarf Top – Digital Product Passport

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Product Description

Top made out of one vintage scarf.

General Product Information

Product NameScarf Top
MaterialsVaries (90% Acrylic, 10% mixed fibers)
SizeOS (one Size)
Manufacturing dateSeptember 2023
Weight167 g
Scarf Top

About Us

We’re creative duo and we’re here to make desirable and functional clothes from upcycled vintage goods. We try to promote more sustainable approach and our goal is to provide the wearer with the fresh experience in the mundane and snail-paced development of fashion industry as a whole.

Item Story

The color and pattern may vary based on material sourced. It is not to be viewed as a defect but as a  deliberate creative choice. Any material imperfections are quirks of working with vintage garments and not to be viewed as defects.

Care Instructions

  • Machine wash cold/gentle cycle
  • Iron low
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not tumble dry 

Environmental Data

Overall Impact

Impact category – Climate Change – total 10.608 kg CO2 equivalent

Detailed Impact

EmissionsAmountEmissions per itemNotes
Feed MaterialUnknownExcluded
Purchase/transport (in)30 g CO₂/km/passenger*22 km0.66 kg CO₂Tram
Material disassembling0,39 t CO₂/MWh**2.5 kWh0.975 kg CO₂Electricity (Light, Washing), water consumption excluded
Sewing0,39 t CO₂/MWh**2.7 kWh1.053 kg CO₂Electricity (Light, Washing), water consumption excluded, residual waste 50 g excluded
Packaging/transport (out)DHL internal data0.46 kg7.92 kg CO₂DHL Carbon Calculator (Prague-New York air shipment)
New product usingHere’s up to you: Customer Advice and Tips on reducing the environmental impacts can be found on our  website.Excluded
Waste impactExcluded
 Total10.608 kg CO₂ Eq
* **Ministerstvo průmyslu a obchodu – E-Power mix 2021 (Emission factor)

This is an estimated emission calculation of our work processes and if we would send it to a customer located in United States.

In general we can never know the true emission release since we are working with second hand and vintage goods.

End of Life Instructions

For additional cost we offer a repair service. We can cover basic repairs of the product and it’s possible alteration if client wishes to slightly change the silhouette (also for the additional cost).

If you consider it is time for it to be thrown away, please dispose of it accordingly to your local textile bin. So far we are not able to dispose of it for you and provide proper service for disposing.


Mail: hanamel338 at g mail dot com

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