Balance is Motion – Ruderal C

EU Digital Product Passport

Product Code: 37373db8-d73e-41d5-a4ba-98d3133dd1f8

General Product Information

Product NameRuderal
Modul TypeC
Materials100% recycled PETG Prusament, NFC tag
Manufacturing dateSeptember 2023
Weight815,7 g
Ruderal C


Featuring multi-purpose modules that are easy to assemble, customize and maintain, Ruderal advocates for sustainable minimalism in a range of spaces, from offices and retail to outdoor patios. Thanks to its durability and practicality, Ruderal stands as a true pioneering organism that can multitask as a bench, a whiteboard stand, or an elevated plant bed ‚ÄĒ and much more.

Environmental Data

This Life Cycle Analysis uses the Environmental footprint 3.0 methodology.

It includes the impact of the filament used in constructing the unit and the energy used to print the unit on the 3D printer.

Overall Impact

Impact category – Climate Change – total 3,82 kg CO2 equivalent

Detailed Breakdown

ProcessImpact category – Climate Change – total [kg CO2 eq.]Notes
Electricity consumption for printing1,74 kgCO2eqResults were calculated in OpenLCA software
Recycled PETG filament manufacturing2,08 kgCO2eqPrusa commissioned study – for more info visit
Total3,82 kgCO2eq

End of Life Instructions

If damaged return to: Balance is Motion, Banskobystrick√° 43, 621 00 Brno, Czech Republic

Track and Trace Information

Designed byBalance is Motion (CZ)
Manufactured byPrusa Lab (CZ)
Product Identifier37373db8-d73e-41d5-a4ba-98d3133dd1f8

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