Product Tour

This is a mock-up of the Entity Systems Sustainability Platform. Its purpose is to display what the capabilities of the Entity Systems Platform will be and to visualize input screens.

Entity Systems assembles Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) data from the product LCA, which focuses on the production, use and waste steps, and an assessment of the local impact and the measurable real logistics impacts.  The goal is to have LCA data that is as specific as possible to each individual item sold.

This demonstration system shows how a company, ‘Nora’s Bed and Bath’ uses the Entity Systems platform for creating EU Digital Product Passports.  This hypothetical company imports consumer goods from Turkey for sale in the Czech Republic.  This demonstration system uses the example of a Bathrobe for sale on an eshop in the Czech Republic, which is then sold. 

Click through the product tour to see how Entity Systems could be implemented in your company: