‘Back to Basics’ Bathrobe Grey

EU Digital Product Passport

Item Code: 9972e046-c05f-423c-925b-0201799da2db

General Product Information

Product Name‘Back to Basics’ Bathrobe Grey
Product CodeXJ183
Material100% Cotton
DescriptionMachine Washable, recommend washing above 30 degrees
Tumble Dry
Iron Safe
Product Image

Environmental Data

This Life Cycle Analysis consists of the manufacture, use and waste stages.  The impact generated by ‘gate to consumer’ is generated by Entity Systems and placed into the Digital Product Passport.

Overall Impact

Overall Carbon Footprint Impact: 36.27 kgCO2eq

Production Impact

EmissionsAmountEmissions per item
Cotton fibre trade mix (without global seatransport)7.505 per kg1 kg7.505 kg
Electricity General Industry0.141 per MJ3.5 kWh1.777 kg
Weaving 70 dtex10.73 per kg1 kg10.73 kg
Spinning cotton 70 dtex7.325 per kg1 kg7.325 kg
Dyeing, without materials input, Europe3.162 per kg1 kg3.162 kg
Production Total19.780 kgCO2eq

Inbound Transportation Impact

EmissionsAmountEmissions per item
Air Traffic Intercontinental0.5826 per kg1491 kgkm0.8686 kg
Truck+Trailer 24 tons net0.09055 per tkm6 kgkm0.00054 kg
Inbound Transport Total0.86914 kgCO2eq

Distribution Impact

EmissionsAmountEmissions per item
Drinking water Europe0.00064 per kg2.88 kg0.00183 kg
Czechia, electricity consumption0.1477 per MJ2.48 kWh1.319 kg
Energy gas, condensing, low NOx (=heat)0.08293 per MJ1.85 kWh0.5523
 Total0.86914 kgCO2eq

Outbound Transportation Impact

EmissionsAmountEmissions per item
Truck+Trailer 24 tons net0.09055 per tkm50 kgkm0.00453 kg
Outbound Transport Total 0.00453 kgCO2eq

Use Impact

EmissionsAmountEmissions per item
Czechia, electricity consumption0.1477 per MJ3.64 kWh1.936 kg
Drinking water Europe0.00064 per kg196 kg0.1245 kg
Use Total2.0605 kgCO2eq

Waste Impact

EmissionsAmountEmissions per item
Landfill organic waste without CH4 emissions prevention2.822 per kg0.5 kg1.411 kg
Paper, Cardboard, Leather, Cotton (12% MC) waste incinerator-0.8981 per kg0.5 kg-0.4491 kg
Waste Total0.9619 kgCO2eq

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Track and Trace Information

Economic Operator’s NameNora’s Home and Bath
TARIC code6207910011
Backup Data Repository Address3dcid.entitysysbackup.com