Import Shipment

If your business is to import goods then you can input data about your inbound shipment.  This will contain information about the inbound transportation and Entity Systems will add the carbon impact to the overall LCA report for each item.

If advance information about the shipment is known, then the origin destination distance is calculated from the information in the Vendor Data. If not, this information must be specified to calculate the inbound transportation impact. This screen must be filled out by the logistics operator who receives the shipment.

Filling out this data will result in the following data being generated per item, specific to the shipment:

EmissionsAmountEmissions per item
Air Traffic Intercontinental0.5826 per kg1491 kgkm0.8686 kg
Truck+Trailer 24 tons net0.09055 per tkm6 kgkm0.00054 kg
Inbound Transport Total0.86914 kgCO2eq